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April 15th Sunday 2:00 pm




Winston S. Churchill Volume V 1922-1939

Chapter 11 “The Coal Strike: The Search for a Settlement”


May 20th Sunday 2:00 pm


Winston S. Churchill Volume V 1922-1939

Chapter 12 “The Smiling Chancellor”


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Churchill Chat



August 26, 1926

London, England


The best show in London



Churchill meets female workers at Georgetown's filling works near Glasgow, October 1918


Excerpt is from Martin Gilbert’s The Churchill Documents Volume 11 The Exchequer Years 1922 – 1929 (1979 , Pages 744-745)


Neville Chamberlain to Lord Irwin

15 August 1926




...at a sort of preparatory blare of trumpets, the words “Winston” appeared on the screen and immediately the letters of which it was composed all separated themselves and, moving about by some jugglery which enchanted me, although I could not understand, finally settled themselves into a caricature of our Chancellor with the well-known beetling brows and bald head.


This was funny without being vulgar and while we were still in a good humour the door flew open and in burst Winston himself (all in the film you understand). By Jove! how things hum in that office. The table groaned under mountains of books, secretaries rushed in and out. Ronnie McNeill sat him down in an attitude of respectful attention and then, lighting a cigar of Brobdingnagain proportions, Winston grimaced, stormed, graticulated (??!!), and orated until the film man got paralysed or his film burst….


Winston constantly improves his position in the House and in the Party. His speeches are extraordinarily brilliant and men flock in to hear him as they would to a first class entertainment at the theatre. The best show in London, they say, and there is the weak point. So far as I can judge they think of it as a show and they are not prepared at present to trust his character and still less his judgment.


As far as he is concerned, the great British leader is the be-all and end-all of everything.


Benjamin Netanyahu 2012.jpg


Excerpt is from Ben Caspit’s The Netanyahu Years (2017 , Pages 66-67)


His respect for Reagan was great, but there was someone else who captured Bibi’s imagination even more, someone who became Bibi’s number-one role model: Winston Churchill. Bibi’s idolization of Churchill continues to this day. As far as he is concerned, the great British leader is the be-all and end-all of everything. He has no equal. Churchill fired Bibi’s imagination so much that he believes himself to be a kind of modern-day Churchill, a man who doesn’t go with the flow, is not afraid to speak his mind, identifies the dreadful dangers lurking in wait for his nation, and declares war on them no matter how unpopular it is. Bibi read every work Churchill wrote and every book written about him. The British leader symbolized for him everything a nation requires: courage, originality, sobriety, open-mindedness, and determination. Bibi admired Churchill’s ability to identify the danger of Nazism in time, not fall for Hitler’s phony plea for peace; to insist on his principles, to fight for them, to not recoil from temporary obstacles and setbacks on the way; and to lead his people toward the final victory. Bibi decided he would be the Israeli Churchill, no matter what.