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June 17th Sunday 2:00 pm




Winston S. Churchill Volume V 1922-1939

Chapter 13 “De-Rating: ‘A Plan for Prosperity 1927-1929’”


July 15th Sunday 2:00 pm

Winston S. Churchill Volume V 1922-1939

Chapter 14 “The 1928 Budget: ’Everyone But You Is Frightened’”


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Churchill Chat




January 11, 1928

Chartwell, England


He got worked up like a schoolboy, making barking noises in imitation of gunfire and blowing cigar smoke across the battle scene in imitation of gun smoke.



 Battle of Jutland 1916. In the distance the light cruiser HMS BIRMINGHAM can be see under fire from the German High Seas Fleet. She suffered only splinter damage.


Excerpt from Martin Gilbert’s ‘Winston S. Churchill Volume V 1922-1939’ (1976, Page 265)


Churchill and his son were back at Chartwell on the morning of January 11. Randolph had invited a friend of his, James Lees-Milne1, to spend four days at Chartwell. Forty-seven years later, Lees-Milne recalled, in a letter to the author, how:


One evening we remained at that round table till after midnight. The table cloth had long ago been removed. Mr Churchill spent a blissful two hours demonstrating with decanters and wine glasses how the Battle of Jutland was fought. It was a thrilling experience. He was fascinating. He got worked up like a schoolboy, making barking noises in imitation of gunfire and blowing cigar smoke across the battle scene in imitation of gun smoke.


The other things I remember about him were his pacing overhead during the daytime, dictating. The sounds of footfalls on the boards and his familiar voice were clearly audible. And in the afternoons he was waist deep in waders in the lake….


1 James Lees-Milne, 1908–. Educated at Eton and Magdalen College Oxford. Private Secretary to Lord Lloyd, 1931–35. On the staff of Reuters, 1935–36; the National Trust, 1951–66. 2nd Lieutenant, Irish Guards, 1940–41 (invalided). Author; an expert on the Tudor and Baroque periods, and on country houses.



He speaks in Republican English, talks about his father, talks about history, Churchill. What’s he about?


Benjamin Netanyahu 2012.jpg 

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton meets with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in New York, New York on September 27, 2012. [State Department photo/ Public Domain]


Excerpt is from Ben Caspit’s The Netanyahu Years (2017, Page 240)


Sitting with Alon Pinkas1 in a New York restaurant, Barak2 was asked to explain who this man is?” “He speaks in Republican English, talks about his father, talks about history, Churchill. What’s he about?”


Excerpt is from Neill Lochery’s The Resistible Rise of Benjamin Netanyahu (2017, Pages 316-317)


When the German newspaper Die Welt had asked Netanyahu after the previous Gaza operation: ‘What do you do for your personal peace? What do you do before you go to bed, just to lower your blood pressure after all this?’, Netanyahu had replied, ‘I watch the History Channel. If it’s good, I don’t fall asleep quickly – and if it’s bad, I fall asleep immediately. And I read a great deal.’



1Pinkas served as Chief of Staff to Shlomo Ben-Ami and David Levy (Ministers of Foreign Affairs). He was a foreign policy advisor for Ehud Barak and political advisor to Shimon Peres. From 2000 to 2004, Pinkas served as Consul General of Israel in New York City. He was succeeded as Consul General by Aryeh Mekel. He has also been a foreign affairs analyst for Fox Television. –from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alon_Pinkas


2Ehud Barak (Hebrew: About this sound אֵהוּד בָּרָק (help·info), born Ehud Brog; 12 February 1942) is an Israeli politician who served as the tenth Prime Minister from 1999 to 2001. He was leader of the Labor Party until January 2011. He previously held the posts of Minister of Defense and Deputy Prime Minister in Benjamin Netanyahu's second government from 2009 to 2013. He is the joint most highly decorated soldier in Israel's history, having taken part in many battles and combat missions. He is a graduate in physics, mathematics, and economics from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Stanford University. He served as an officer in the Israel Defense Forces. Following a highly decorated career, he was appointed Chief of General Staff in 1991, serving until 1995. On 26 November 2012 he announced that he would retire from politics after the next election in January 2013. – from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ehud_Barak