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Martin Gilbert’s

Winston S. Churchill Volume V 1922-1939

Chapter 5 “Return to the Gold Standard”


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 Winston S. Churchill Volume V 1922-1939

Chapter 6 “Preparing the 1925 Budget: ’Keeping His Nose to the Grindstone’”


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Churchill Chat



March 19, 1924

London, England


My son came all the way from his Sanatorium in the north of Norfolk, for one night, in order to vote for you & Probyn came from Sandringham though he is over 91, for the same purpose.




'Dighton Probyn, 2nd Punjab Cavalry, in Indian dress', 1857    

Winston had just lost the Westminster Abbey by-election by just 37 votes to Unionist candidate Otho Nicholson. However he had devoted supporters such as Dighton Probyn who, years earlier in 1857 was awarded the Victoria Cross for his service in the Indian Mutiny.


 Letter is from Martin Gilbert’s The Churchill Documents Volume 11 The Exchequer Years 1922 – 1929 (1979, Pages 128-129)


Lord Knollys1 to Winston S. Churchill


20 March 1924 St James’s Place


My dear Churchill,


A very few lines as an old friend to say how greatly disappointed & sorry I am at the result of the Election, though you made a most gallant fight.


Everybody whom I have met told me that they intended to vote for you as they regarded you as being the best & most efficient public man to defend the country against Socialism.


My son2 came all the way from his Sanatorium in the north of Norfolk, for one night, in order to vote for you & Probyn3 came from Sandringham though he is over 91, for the same purpose.


Pray do not think of taking any notice of this letter as I know you must be almost overwhelmed by your correspondence.


Yours very sincerely, Knollys



1Francis Knollys, 1837-1924. Gentleman Usher to Queen Victoria, 1868-1901. Private Secretary to Edward VII when Prince of Wales and King, 1870-1910. Knighted, 1886. Created Baron, 1902. Private Secretary to George V, 1910-13. Created Viscount, 1911. He died on 15 August 1924.


2Edward George William Tyrwhitt Knollys, 1895-1966. Page of Honour to King Edward VII, 1904-10; to King George V, 1910-11. On active service, 1914-18: London Regiment and Royal Air Force; MBE, DFC. Succeeded his father as 2nd Viscount, 1924. Cape Town Director of Barclay’s Bank, 1929-34. Mamaging Director of the Employers’ Liability Assurance Corporation Ltd, 1933-41. Governor and Commander-in-Chief, Bermuda, 1941-43. Chairman, British Overseas Airways Corporation, 1943-47. Chairman of Vickers Ltd, 1956-62; of the English Steel Corporation, 1956-62.  


3Dighton Macnaghten Probyn, 1833-1924. Entered the Army, 1849. On active service, winning the Victoria Cross during the Indian Mutiny of 1857. Knighted 1876. Comptroller and Treasurer to the Prince of Whales, 1877-1891. General 1880. Keeper of the Privy Purse, 1901-1910. Extra Equerry to King George V, 1910-24. He died on 20 June 1924. See link http://www.vconline.org.uk/sir-dighton-m-probyn-vc/4587937278 for additional information.