Movie Day

November 9th Saturday 1:30pm

Milton R. Abraham's Branch Library 5111 N. 90th Street

Omaha Nebraska 68134

Jane Austen Society of North America - Nebraska

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Film day will be on November 9th at 1:30pm. 

 We'll be watching segments from a great many Northanger Abbey film adaptions (7 altogether).

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2007 Northanger Abbey

 Northanger Abbey.jpg

 Catherine and Mrs. Allen are vacationing in Bath.

 1986 Northanger Abbey


 Catherine is experiencing the horrors of Northanger Abbey.

 1993 Ruby in Paradise


Ruby (Catherine Morland) reads Northanger Abbey given to her by an intellectual gentleman of her acquaintance.

 2007 Jane Austen Book Club

The Jane Austen book club discusses Northanger Abbey.

  2013 Austenland

Austenland Poster.jpg

Henry Tilney plays the row of Mr. Darcy.

2016 The Cate Morland Chronicles & 2015 Northbound (right)

Northanger Abbey web base series.

Link for The Cate Morland Chronicles

Link for Northbound